Eva Saunders

Every picture tells a story

Photo-Strip for Spiesser with Rick Kavanian

Since the 1st of December the new Spiesser Magazine is out! For the current issue I provided a photo strip with Rick Kavanian. He visited a 10th grade class from his former school and held a lesson about American comedy culture that turned out to be politically interesting, because he disputed about integration in Germany. Rick is a great guy and everything else than the joker everyone knows from TV. His sharp-witted lesson proved him a comedian with political interest. For those who want to read more, here is the article “A product of integration” and here you can read the whole Spiesser issue online.


Exhibition on Christmas Market on Sunday 28th

Hello there! Everyone who wants to see my work the old-fashioned way, exhibited on biiig prints should come to the Christmas Market in Peißenberg, Germany on Sunday, November 28th! From 1 to 7 p.m. I’ll show my work and will be there personally. There will be a new fashion series exclusively on the exhibition! I’d be glad to see you there!

Warm greetings to all cookie-baking christmas-lovers 🙂

Fashion-Shoot for “Skiing”-Magazine

For the November issue of the German Magazine “Skiing” I did a 2-day Fashion-Shooting in Munich. The models Tobias, Anna-Lena, Jan and Nicole did a great job! Especially the laundromat was eye candy for my hungry eyes, a great THANK YOU for the owner who let us shoot there without any hesitation!!

SPIESSER publication – discourse about military duty in Germany

Once again I provided the SPIESSER-magazine with pictures. For issue 131, I documented a disputation between a civillian servant and a military servant. The impulse to this argumentation was that the German government considers to abolish the military duty and with that the civillian service as well. They both disputed about the abolishment, cons and pros of their education and personal stories. The whole picture gallery you can see here.

There is also a video which I shot together with author Felix Scheidl accompanying the interview to see on the website of the SPIESSER magazine.

SPIESSER Publication

During a starry summer night I had a photoshoot with author Felix Scheidl who is writing for the “SPIESSER”-magazine, a german giveaway paper for pupils. The picture for a special, where he is standing under a lantern, can be seen in the  issue 130 on http://issuu.com/spiesser/docs/spezial_130_v2

My first publication. Wohoo! Some more will hopefully follow in the near future.

Everyday Vampire-Shooting

Because of the global “Twilight” hype I thought: why not use the vampire-style as an instrument of advertising? I intended to advertise every-day clothes with the help of familiar vampire-poses and make-up. I was supported by many girlfriends who opened their closets for me (because I needed everday-clothes for the two women). Also by designer label Benzaghi&Freymann, which provided for the lad’s sexy and shimmering clothes. A big THANK YOU to the great Make-Up-Artist Christina Wagner who did a very good job in transforming our models into vampires. I also want to thank my assistant Corinna Degele and the models Katerina, Carolin and Dennis.

You can see some of the photos in the Fashion Gallery


In collaboration with designer Jennifer Fischbacher I had a fashion shoot called “Alice in Wonderland”; In this case, the wonderland was a club in Munich called NY Club. Huge Thanks to Model Steffie, Assistant Yannick Schmidt, Make-Up Artist Aleksandra Suvajac and the Designer and her assistant Magdalena Czerny.

You can watch some of the pics in the Fashion Gallery.